ManRoland 6 colors

R706 TLV HiPrint


R706 LX HiPrint straight 2008 R706 LX HiPrint straight 2008 Colorpilot
Year  2007  
Format  74x104 cm  
Speed max. 16.000 s/h  
Copies approx.  205 mio. (plastic foil label)  
Details  Roland Deltamatic dampening  
  RCI - remote control desk  
  COLORPILOT D+F densitometric quality control 
  PPL - semi automatic plate change  
  Straight machine - NO perfecting  
  Automatic wash devices
  Foil package
  TECHNOTRANS cooling & ink temperature control
  Separate DRYING unit with IR/hot Seccomatic air dryer (T)
  Separate COATING unit with TRESU chambered doctor blade system (L)
  Quick change coating
  AIRGLIDE delivery
  Double extended delivery  (2x V = 8 meters)
  UV preparation in delivery
  IR/ hot air dryer Seccomatic in delivery
  LCS & Quick start  
  KERSTEN antistatic  
  Powder sprayer GRAFIX  
 Status  SOLD to CHINA  

R706 s/w


R706 P year 2001 R706 P year 2001
Year  2001  
Format  74x104 cm  
Speed max. 12.000 s/h  
Copies approx.  221 mio.  
Details  Roland Deltamatic dampening 
  RCI - ink remote control  
  PPL - sermi automatic plate change 
  Airglide delivery
  Perfecting 2-4/6-0
  Technotrans cooling device & ink temperature control (water cooled)
  Automatic wash devices
  Antistatic in feeder
  Becker VariAir compressed air supply system
  IR dryer Seccomatic  
  WekoTron powder sprayer 
 Status  To see in production