HDM Heidelberg 5 colors

SM74 5 P2H



SM74 5H high pile delivery year 1999 SM74 5 high pile delivery year 1999
Year  1999  
Format  52x74 cm  
Copies approx.  109 mio.  
Details  Alcolor dampening  
  Autoplate - semi automatic plate change 
  CPC 1-04 - ink remote control  
  Perfecting 1-4/5-0  
  Transfer & Perfect jackets  
  Soft touch buttons (like year 2000 model)
  Cooling device TECHNOTRANS FC-K
  Automatic washers for blanket cylinders and ink rollers
  Electronic double sheet control
  Steel plate in delivery
  High pile delivery
  IR/ hot air dryer in delivery
  Powder sprayer GRAFIX
 Status: SOLD to ITALY  

CD 102 5 + LX



HDM CD102 SM74-5+L 1997 CPC1-04
Year  2002  
Format  72x102 cm  
Copies approx.  239 mio.  
Details  Alcolor dampening  
  CP2000 print remote control
  Autoplate - semi automatic plate change 
  Straight machine - NO perfecting  
  Dedicated coating tower with chambered ductors and anilox rollers
  High pile delivery  
  Wash device for ink rollers  
  Wash device for blanket & impression cylinders 
  TECHNOTRANS cooling device  
  IR dryer in delivery  
 Status: SOLD to CHINA