Some cylinder repairs done by our specialists...

Missing a huge piece of this HDM cylinder

See before ... ... and after our repair!

An impressive example of our professionalism!
cylinder repair HDM cylinder repair
Expertly the missing will be replaced by a new suitable preformed piece...


cylinder repair  
...and after starts to elaborate the material's oversize and electroplating.

But as you see, our specialists are having also fun with their work.

And the result is really impressive!
cylinder repair HDM  







Repair of bigger damage on cylinders of Roland offset sheetfed machine. First step...
cylinder repair cylinder repair
 ...filling holes by placing copper pins. cylinder repair cylinder repair
Second step... through subsequent electroplating you get optimum cylinder surface again
and permanently - done by us of course with warranty!
cylinder repair cylinder repair

The repair will be done without removing of cylinder with shortest possible loss of production time of the machine.

Depending on extent of the damage, the repair can be done of course also outside your working hours also e.g. during weekend.


cylinder repair cylinder repair
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