ManRoland 2 colors

R 702 P                                          

Roland 702 2001 with Perfecting Roland 702 s/w Papiermaschine
Year  2001  
Format  74 x 104 cm  
Colors 2 with perfecting 1-1/ 2-0  
Copies  approx.  185 mio. (exclusively paper machine)
Details  Standard machine  
  Roland Deltamatic Dampening  
  RCI - ink remote control desk
  PPL - semiautomatic plate changer
  LCS & Quickstart  
  Airglide delivery
  Technotrans beta.d cooling
  Special roughened cylinder surface for better grip on light paper
  Automatic wash devices
  Double sheet control
  Electronic side lay control
  Powdersprayer Grafix HiTronic  
 Status Available 05/2022  

R 202 T0b     straight                               

Roland 202 T0b 52x72 1990 Roland 202 T0b 1990 4 gripper delivery
Year  1990  
Format  52x72 cm Machine number 20751B
Copies approx.  10 mio. Serie 250
Details  Standard machine  
  Rolandmatic dampening
  Quick action clamps
  4 gripper system in delivery  
  Low pile delivery  
  Straight machine 2/0 - NO perfecting 
  Pneumatic side-lay control
  Suction tape feed table  
  Power sprayer  
 Status  SOLD to Eastern Europe