ManRoland 8 colours

R 708 s/w                




Roland 708 s/w year 2003 Roland 708 s/w year 2003 with Colorpilot
Year  2003  
Format  74 x 104 cm  
Colors 8  
Copies 198  
Details  Roland Deltamatic dampening  
  RCI - ink & register control with densitometriy quality control (CCI)
  APL - full automatic plate change  
  Perfecting 4-4/8-0  
  Perfect jackets in 4 units after perfecting device
  Airglide delivery  
  Technotrans cooling & ink temperature control 
  Non-stop in feeder & delivery  
  Wash devices for blanket-, impression cylinders and ink rollers
  Powder sprayer Weko AP262  
  Atlas Copco air supply  
 Status  Available immediately