ManRoland 4 colors

R604 3B


Roland 604 year 1990 with IR dryer Roland 604 year 1990 with RCI-2 and CCI
Year  1990  
Format  72x102 cm  Serie 647
     Machine Number 19699B
Details Standard machine  
  Rolandmatic with 2 x MC Kinley rollers
  RCI - remote desk with linear sliders (metal)
  CCI - densitometric quality control
  Quick action clamps  
  BALDWIN cooling  
  MABEG feeder  
  Powder sprayer WEKO  
  IR dryer  
 Status  SOLD to Greece  

R 704 3B s/w


Roland 704 s/w Hiprint 2007 Roland 704 s/w Hiprint 2007
Year  12-2007  
Format  74 x 104 cm  
Copies approx.  119 mio.  
Serie  753  
Details  HiPrint  
  Roland Deltamatic
  RCI - remote control desk
  Colorpilot D - densitometric quality control
  PPL - semi automatic plate change  
  Perfecting 2-2/4-0  
  Ink temperature control TECHNOTRANS beta.c  
  Wash devices for impression cylinders, blanket cylinders and ink rollers 
  Antistatic ELTEX in feeder and delivery  
  Ready for IPA free & reduced printing  
  Ink rubber remote control by RCI desk  
  Powder sprayer GRAFIX Cantronic  
  Print consult & Print Net  
  Quick change  
  Disengage of each unit possible  
Status  SOLD to Italy  

R 804 6 + L 

Roland 804 format 100x140 coating unit 1985 Roland 804 format 100x140 coating unit 1985
Year  1985  
Format  100 x 140 cm  
Copies approx. 182 mio.  
Details  Standard machine                  
  Rolandmatic dampening
  Quick action clamps  
  Mabeg feeder  
  IR dryer  
  Powder Weko  
 Status  SOLD to South-America